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Hi! I’m Jorrit, fond of water, adventures and being on the road with friends. Together with Koen, I enjoy working on SUP & SURF Nijmegen and HOP & GO Nijmegen. My goal? Allowing people to enjoy a wonderful day of fun activities.


My name is Koen, fond of adventure in (water) sports and in the mountains. A real people person who can’t get enough of sociability. Wonderful to combine these things with SUP & SURF Nijmegen and HOP & GO Nijmegen. See you soon!

Franka van Sup & Surf Nijmegen


Hi! I’m Franka. My zodiac sign is Aquarius and I can relate to that. Since childhood I have been on and in the water and I would like to share my enthusiasm for water (sports) with you!

Marloes van Sup & Surf Nijmegen


Hi, I’m Marloes. From the Sun Salutation during SUP yoga, to chilling with friends on the SUP on the Lentse Plas or spotting beavers during the SUP tour through the Ooijpolder. The versatility, relaxed atmosphere and being out on the water together or alone is what makes supping so SUPer for me!

stephany van Sup & Surf Nijmegen


Hi I am Stephany. I think I am half human half mermaid because when I am near the water I feel at home. I’m up for a lark but don’t dare splash myself wet, then I’ll get a tail and scales later.


Hi I’m Boris a real water rat and have been on the water for five years as an instructor at SUP & SURF. The most important thing about supping is that you enjoy it and don’t burn too hard.


Hi! I am Chloé van de Munt, 23 years old and I live and study in Nijmegen. As people describe me, I am really a water rat. A few years ago I got hooked on windsurfing and love to share this passion, I would love to take you through this beautiful sport.


My name is Kristel. Grew up with water sports, but am also a people person. This is a beautiful combination where I am completely in my element.


Hello, my name is Leona. I am a social fish in and on the water and love to take other people up on that!


Hey, I’m Anouk, currently I’m still taking a sports course at CIOS. Also, in my free time I am always playing sports (including basketball and fitness) and in the summer I like to exercise on, in or near the water ☀️