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At HOP & GO Nijmegen, we love combo deals! We have put together some combo deals with fun activities in cooperation with entrepreneurs from Nijmegen.

For example, complete your day out with a delicious picnic, RLLY game, dinner or beer tasting. Are you coming with more than ten people? Then check out group outings.


Combo deals

Our combo deals

You can choose from one of our combo deals below. For more info or a suitable proposal feel free to contact us.

E-chopper RLLY

Compete for the standings or in teams against each other through this cool rally on the e-Chopper! Through a handy app, you are sent from point to point via a compass. Once you arrive at a waypoint, you receive a command through the app.

The team that completes all the waypoints and tasks the fastest wins! Definitely recommended for an adventure outing! The route is not known in advance but count on a cool ride.

  • 2-5 people per team
  • Ideal for large groups
  • Unique game on the E-chopper
  • 2 hours of spectacle
  • €3.50 p.p. on top of rental price
RLLY tocht - Rally Tocht - Hop & Go Nijmegen - Groepsactiviteiten

E-chopper & beer tasting cafe Samson

A favorite among guests! Would you like to ride E-chopper and drink delicious beers afterwards in the nicest cafe of Nijmegen? Then E-chopper and beer tasting is the outing for you.

You start with E-chopper riding, of course. After e-chopper riding, walk to cafe Samson in 5 minutes. Where 4 delicious beers will be offered by a true beer connoisseur. Tip: definitely don’t forget to ask about the different types of beers.

  • Possible for 2 hour, 3 hour or full day e-Chopper driving
  • Extra charge of €13,50,- p.p. on top of rental price

Of course, as a non-beer lover, you can just order something else from the menu and join the beer tasting.

E-chopper rijden - bierproeverij cafe Samson

E-chopper & coffee/tea to go

A nice cup of coffee or tea during a lovely break in the woods or polder? With us, you can get a filled thermos to go along with a tasty snack. How nice!

  • Coffee/tea/soft drinks to go in a thermos jug
  • Tasty snack
  • Extra charge of €5,- p.p. on top of rental price
  • Choose from one of our scenic routes

Prefer to expand with a picnic? Just can!

E-Chopper Huren Nijmegen centrum | Hop & Go Nijmegen

E-chopper picnic deluxe

A whole day on the road on our e-choppers? Then take a Picnic Deluxe and enjoy a well-stocked bag with fresh lunch, a drink and a Prosecco to toast a wonderful day outdoors! You get everything in a nice bag. There are beautiful spots along the route: perfect for a picnic in nature.

  • All-day e-chopper
  • Extensive lunch with prosecco (from lunch shop FIKA)
  • Includes drink, snack & fruit
  • Extra charge of €20,- p.p. on top of rental price
E-Chopper rijden Nijmegen centrum | Hop & Go Nijmegen | Combi deals

E-chopper guide tour

Besides a wonderful tour, want to know a little more about the area and its rich history? Rent a chopper with a guide or be shown around using the RLLY app!

Out and about with a local?

  • Enthusiastic guide from Nyma Tours from Nijmegen
  • Discover the most beautiful places with special stories
  • 2 hours €119 per group
  • Rather explore the area with a handy app?

  • €3.50 p.p. on top of rental price
  • Drive from point to point via the compass on the app
  • Find out the best stories of Nijmegen
  • Also in game form against other teams
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    E-Chopper Huren Nijmegen centrum | Hop & Go Nijmegen | Gids-tour

    E-chopper & SUP

    The perfect day out if you ask us! Hop on the E-chopper in the morning and ride a fun route to Lent Lake. There will be a SUP waiting for you between 12:00 and 1:00 pm. After a brief explanation, you can enjoy an hour on the water! After supping, get back on the E-chopper and end the day with a beautiful trip through the Ooijpolder. PERFECT!

    • All-day e-Chopper
    • 1 hour of supping (Lentse Plas)
    • Extra charge of €10,- p.p. on top of rental price

    Due to sups availability, it is easiest if you email or call us at the link below.

    ApplyMore info
    Suppen - Nijmegen - Lentse Plas - recreatie

    E-chopper & Padel

    Our E-chopper with padel clinic option is a unique outing! Under the bridge of Nijmegen you and your group will attend a cool padel clinic of 1 or 1.5 hours. But not before taking a delightful ride on our tough E-choppers. Equipped with a super handy app, you can blindly follow the route along all of Nijmegen’s hotspots.

    • Possible at 2 hour, 3 hour or full day E-chopper ride
    • Additional charge of €17.50 for 1 hour of padel
    • Additional charge of €21.50 for 1.5 hours of padel
    • Includes instructor & materials
    • Minimum 4 prs

    Please note that for 2-hour & 3-hour e-chopper riding, the padel clinic is after you return the e-chopper. For a full-day option, you will take the chopper to the padel court.

    Hop & Go Nijmegen - E-chopper & Padel

    E-chopper & dinner at Barrika

    Enjoy the delicious dinner at Barrika Foodbar. Of course after you’ve been delightfully on the move with the E-chopper! From two people or with group, you will be completely pampered. You get a starter upon entering, in the form of bread and dip. Then you can choose a delicious main course from the menu. (excluding XXL dishes) Something for everyone. Of course, we conclude with dessert in the form of a nice cappuccino, coffee or tea. The price does not include additional beverage refreshments.
    • Possible for 2 hour, 3 hour or full day e-Chopper driving
    • Additional charge of €22.50 on top of the rental price

    When booking, you can check the Dinner option. Groups larger than 10 people? request a quote without obligation!


    E-chopper & shared dining at Florijn

    After a beautiful ride on our e-vehicles, end the day with delicious shared dining at our place around the corner! From 2 people or with a group, you can enjoy a well-crafted 2-course shared dining at Florijn. The kitchen has prepared their most delicious dishes for you to enjoy together in a cold and a hot round. In other words, something for everyone!
    • Possible at 2 hours, 3 hours or a whole day riding our e-choppers/ e-fatbikes
    • Additional charge of €29.50 p.p. on top of the rental price

    Request a no-obligation quote!

    E-chopper - Shared dining bij florijn - Hop & Go Nijmegen